Marketing and Branding: The Indian Scenario

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Marketing and Branding – The Indian Scenario offers readers concise but comprehensive coverage of the five major aspects of marketing management in the form of themes. The first theme deals with product and brand related strategies, the second with retailing and distribution decisions, the third with pricing issues, the fourth with the application of consumer behaviour and the last with building brands. These topics are sequenced in such a way that the reader will be able to draw parallels across and link different marketing mix elements. Establishing such links is a prerequisite for formulating marketing strategies.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  7. About the Author
  8. Contents
  9. Why Concepts are Important in the Indian Context?
    1. Importance of Cultural Dimensions
    2. Importance of Timing
  10. 1: Application Of Product and Brand Related Strategies
    1. Product
    2. Product Levels as the Product Concept
    3. Brand
    4. Unique Selling Proposition
    5. Product Management
    6. Product Concept
    7. Concept Testing
    8. Market Testing
    9. Product and STP
    10. Reverse Engineering
    11. Quality Function Deployment
    12. Product-Line
    13. Brand Associations
    14. Brand Extension
    15. Brand Loyalty
    16. Brand Positioning
    17. Brand Repositioning
    18. Managing Brand Power Over Time
    19. Brand Life Cycle
    20. Brand Feelings
    21. Brand Resonance
    22. Brand Experience
    23. Brand Aesthetics
    24. Brand Awareness and Brands
    25. Brand Elements
    26. Brand Positioning—The Pitfalls
  11. 2: Dimensions of Distribution and Retailing
    1. Distribution and Retailing
    2. Importance of Value Chain
    3. Supply Chain and Strategies
    4. Factors to be Considered Before Selecting Distribution Channels
    5. Distribution Conflict
    6. Retailing Strategies—Types of Stores
    7. Category Management
    8. Retail Planning
    9. Retail Display/Signages
    10. Retailer as a Brand
    11. Store Brands
    12. Direct Marketing
    13. Retailing and Point of Purchase
    14. Retail Equity
    15. Retail Loyalty
    16. Retail Service
    17. Retail Service and Speciality Products
    18. Retail Service and Durable Product Categories
    19. The Credibility Factor
    20. Retailing and Consumer Behaviour
    21. Retail Outlet Selection and Brand Selection
    22. Consumer Decision-Making and Retailing
    23. Retail Image;—Basics
    24. Dimensions of Retail Image
    25. Developing Store Brands—Additional Points
    26. Advertising and Retail Outlets
    27. Retail Outlets—Location and Size Consideration
    28. Perceived Risks and Retaii Outlet Choice
    29. Consumer Shopping Types
    30. Retail Outlets and ‘In-Store’ Purchases
    31. Retail Outlet Strategy Formulation
    32. Importance of Avoiding Stock-Outs
    33. The Death Spiral—An Important Aspect of Managing Merchandise
    34. Internet Shopping—Indian Context
    35. Internet Shopping and Consumers
    36. Prerequisites for E-Tailing
    37. Online Retailing—Segments to Customization
    38. Online Marketing and Customizing Services
    39. Online Marketing and Product Customization
    40. Online Shopping and Product Categories
    41. Online Shopping and Price Sensitivity
    42. Online Shopping and Building Consumer Loyalty
    43. Online Marketing and Concept of Customer Relationship Management
    44. Online Marketing and Five-Dimensional Branding
    45. Off-Line Brand Equity to Online Brand Equity
    46. Synergising Online and Off-Line Strategies
    47. A Framework for Synergising Online and Off-Line Strategies
    48. Virtual Supermarkets
  12. 3: Dimensions of Pricing
    1. Pricing and Value
    2. Marketing Orientation and Pricing
    3. Quality-Price Association
    4. Pricing In a Changing Environment
    5. Pricing and Marketing Mix Elements
    6. Skimming as a Pricing Strategy
    7. Applying Penetration Pricing and Perceived Value Pricing in a Specific Context
    8. Target Costing
    9. Price Bundling
    10. Customer's Perception of Value
    11. The Concept of Value Subtraction
    12. Price Sensitivity
    13. Cost to Serve Consumers
    14. Pricing of Services
    15. Analysing Services
    16. Costs of Customization
    17. Brand Equity and Pricing Decisions
    18. Mass Market Pricing Strategies
    19. Customer Relationships and Pricing Challenges
  13. 4: Psychological Dimensions in Marketing and Implications for Marketing Strategies
    1. Behavioural Dimensions of Marketing
    2. The Concept of Perception
    3. Branding Commodities—A Behavioural Approach
    4. Consumer Decision-Making Process and Marketing Strategies
    5. Reference Group and their Implications
    6. Brands and Online Positioning
  14. 5: Role of Promotion, Marketing Communication and Marketing Mix Elements in Brand Building
    1. Understanding Marketing Communication and Promotion
    2. Psyche of Consumers
    3. The Psychological and Sociological Interface—‘The Four Forces’
    4. Changing Environment and Brands—Implications for Communication and Promotional Strategies
    5. Synergizing Marketing Communication
    6. Concept Selling and Marketing Communication
    7. Creating Differentiation and Marketing Communication
    8. Symbolic Branding
    9. Directness and Subtlety in Advertising Appeals
    10. Subtleties and Celebrities
    11. Embedding Subtleties in the Cultural Context
    12. Urban Time Poverty and Marketing Communication
    13. Media Planning Strategies
    14. Managing the Promotional Process (The Basics)
    15. Symbolic Promotional Plans
    16. Direct Marketing
    17. The Challenges
    18. The Power of Brand Imagery
    19. Critical Aspects of Brand Repositioning
    20. Branding Strategies in a Changing Marketing Environment—The Indian Context
    21. Mass Markets and Brand Building—Examples
    22. Power of Contrast in the Marketing
    23. Discernment of Contrasts by Consumers
    24. Capturing Consumers' Emotional Contrasts
    25. Communicating Contrasts through Experiential Aspects
    26. Brand Loyalty—Myth or Reality
    27. Brand Perception and Brand Strategies
  15. References
  16. Index

Product information

  • Title: Marketing and Branding: The Indian Scenario
  • Author(s): Ramesh Kumar S.
  • Release date: September 2006
  • Publisher(s): Pearson India
  • ISBN: 9788131700976