Chapter 2

Creating a Business Case for Marketing Automation

In This Chapter

arrow Writing a business case for marketing automation

arrow Understanding the return on marketing automation investments

arrow Discussing marketing automation with internal stakeholders

When you’re new to marketing automation, one of the first things you need to consider is how to show the value of marketing automation to the people who write the checks in your company. Even if you’re the one with the budget, getting a consensus for your purchase decision is a good idea because marketing automation typically impacts a range of business operations.

With the idea of building a business case in mind, this chapter uncovers marketing automation’s potential impact to your organization. I show you where your organization will gain the most value from automation, and I explain how to justify to your boss or other decision maker the expenses for bringing marketing automation in-house.

Writing a Business Case Document

Writing a business case document helps sell the value of marketing automation to other stakeholders who may not be involved in all aspects of the decision. You can use the other sections of this chapter to help fill ...

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