Chapter 3

Choosing a Marketing Automation Solution

In This Chapter

arrow Aligning your solution with key marketing goals

arrow Estimating investments in time and effort

arrow Choosing the right level of technology

Assuming that you’ve bought into the idea of getting a marketing automation solution at this point, now it’s time to show you how to pick the correct one. I don’t talk about vendors, because these will come and go over time. Instead, in this chapter, I tell you how to identify your core goals, set realistic expectations, and judge the actual time it will take to implement a solution. From here, you should be able to identify the vendors who are the best fit for your company.

Aligning a Solution with Core Marketing Goals

Marketing automation can offer a wide range of benefits, but most companies are content to buy marketing automation to help achieve one or a few marketing goals in the short term. You should focus on a few short-term goals and a few key features of marketing automation for the best results initially. The rest of your goals can wait until you master your tools and the details of marketing automation. Knowing which benefits of marketing automation are key to your marketing ...

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