Chapter 11

Combining Automation with Other Marketing Programs

In This Chapter

arrow Combining social media efforts with marketing automation

arrow Using video in marketing automation

arrow Integrating offline events

If you’re a modern marketer, you’re likely involved in many types of online marketing such as search marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. Managing multiple types of marketing usually means struggling with multiple tools and data that needs to be imported and exported from one tool to another. Marketing automation provides significant value because it is a single tool that replaces many of your disparate unconnected tools and data-sharing practices.

In this chapter, I show you how to connect your marketing automation tool with all your marketing efforts. Tying these endeavors together allows you to track the ROI on webinars, YouTube videos, and other external marketing efforts. The chapter also covers integrating social media with your new marketing automation tool to help you prove the value of your social media efforts.

Placing Marketing Automation at the Center of Your Marketing

Without marketing automation, all your marketing data is locked inside each of your individual ...

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