Chapter 14

Mastering Your First Campaigns

In This Chapter

arrow Mining your existing database for leads

arrow Driving downloads of white papers

arrow Driving attendance to an online event through automation

arrow Conducting upselling campaigns

Now the real fun begins. Building your first campaigns is just like everything else in marketing automation in that the more complex your campaigns are, the more time they require in setup and maintenance.

This chapter applies many of the concepts covered in previous chapters to a white paper campaign, a database campaign, an online event campaign, and an upsell campaign. You can find some additional guidance in this chapter for running these specific kinds of campaigns.

Mining Your Existing Database for Hot Leads

You have two ways to get hot leads: You can find new leads, or you can turn a cold lead into a hot one. Most marketers are focused on finding new hot leads, but your database is your best source of hot leads, even if it is highly underused.

Marketing automation opens a new way to mine your database and convert existing database records into new leads. The ...

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