Chapter 7

Perfecting Your Printed Materials

In This Chapter

arrow Crafting great print pieces with good font selection and flow

arrow Creating brochures with focused impact

arrow Designing and testing effective print ads

Marketers traditionally budget more for print advertising than for any other type of advertising, with the exception being the major national or multinational brands that market largely on television. For most local and regional advertising, print traditionally provided the most flexible and effective all-around advertising medium. Although print is shrinking due to the advantages of web-based advertising and promotions, it’s still a major part of your marketing program and needs to be done right.

In fact, for the do-it-yourself marketer, trying to build sales for a very small business or promoting your own brand as a consultant or expert, understanding the basics of a print campaign is essential. (You may still want to hire a local graphic designer to help you, though.) Not a do-it-yourselfer but rather a marketing manager or assistant who needs to get up-to-speed in a hurry because you’re working on a campaign or plan for a mid-sized or larger organization? For your work, having ...

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