Chapter 8

Signing On to Outdoor Advertising

In This Chapter

arrow Experimenting with locational advertising

arrow Designing signs, posters, and billboards that make a large impression

arrow Opting for portable advertising with T-shirts, shopping bags, and more

arrow Embracing the power of flags, banners, and awnings

arrow Using transit advertising to your advantage

Although signs used to be a narrow category, today you have a broad range of options. You may choose to display your logo on traditional signage (think of the billboards you see while driving along the highway), or you may opt for portable signage, like all the reusable shopping bags you see at grocery stores now. You can also explore traditional outdoor advertising’s new cousin, location-based media, which allows you to take advantage of all the screens people interact with in their day-to-day existence, from their smartphone to the pump at the gas station.

Although potential customers may see an ad you’ve placed in their favorite magazine once or ...

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