Chapter 10

Maximizing Your Web Marketing

In This Chapter

arrow Developing your web identity and keeping control of it

arrow Creating a strong hub website and relevant satellite sites

arrow Generating lots of visitors

arrow Exploring the world of online advertising — and budgeting for it appropriately

When I wrote the first edition of this book, twitter was for the birds and hash was for the kitchen. Nobody thought about the role of Twitter and hashtags in lead generation. Web marketing was more passive, with most marketers having just a single, central website, usually informative but occasionally with a shopping cart. You needed to be good with HTML to create and manage a good website. Now you don’t. There are so many user-friendly options for every aspect of web marketing that the do-it-yourself web marketer is in clover (and, no, that’s not a new app — at least not yet).

The paradox of web marketing is that even though it’s all so much easier to do, there’s so much you can do that I still don’t recommend you try to do everything at your own desk. Working with specialized web services and sites that ...

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