Chapter 17

Succeeding in Sales and Service

In This Chapter

arrow Designing your sales program

arrow Evaluating sales talent

arrow Managing the sales and service process

arrow Organizing and compensating sales staff

arrow Practicing great service and recovering unhappy customers

Do you need to be doing personal sales and service that involves interacting with people directly as part of your marketing? The answer is always yes. Whether you have a formal sales role or not, selling should be a natural, everyday part of business life — something you do whether you’re interacting with clients, ringing sales at a register, meeting other professionals, or taking a phone call. Also, sales should always be followed by good service. It’s hard to win new customers, so don’t throw them away the first time they run into a problem or have a concern.

Knowing When to Emphasize Personal Selling

How do you know whether you need personal selling — that is, selling face to face — as part of your marketing process? To find out whether ...

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