Chapter 19

Ten Tips for Boosting Web Sales

In This Chapter

arrow Improving your web store for optimal sales

arrow Making your products shine

arrow Increasing the contact and support for shoppers

arrow Making your website work harder with promos and special offers

Good web marketing is still quite rare, despite the flood of sales over the web. My hunch is that the costs are low enough to allow marketers to get away with C or B work. But why stop there? Wasting time and money by blasting ads at poorly defined audiences is plumb stupid and annoying to those who don’t care about the product. In fact, it’s not even marketing, if you define marketing as helping to bring about a sale. In this chapter, I help you target web messages effectively with ten tactics for boosting orders on your web store.

Take Well-Lit Product Photos

Seeing is believing, right? So make sure your website offers good views of what you have to sell. Your photos should clearly show your products — and make sure your products are well lit in your photos. Bright, diffused light is the key to clear, high-resolution photos (or videos) that ...

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