Marketing Plans for Services: A Complete Guide, Third Edition

Book description

Marketing Plans for Services, Third Edition is written in a pragmatic, action-orientated style and each chapter has examples of marketing planning in practice. The authors highlight key misunderstandings about marketing and the nature of services and relationship marketing.

The marketer is taken step-by-step through the key phases of the marketing planning process and alerted to the barriers that can prevent a service organization being successful in introducing marketing planning. Practical frameworks and techniques are suggested for undertaking the marketing planning process and implementing the principles covered.

The world renowned authors also tackle key organizational aspects relating to marketing planning which can have a profound impact on its ultimate effectiveness. These include: marketing intelligence systems; market research; organization development stages; marketing orientation.

Marketing Plans for Services is for marketers in the service sector and students of marketing.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. The structure of this book and how to use it
  7. List of Figures
  8. Chapter 1: Marketing and services
    1. The growing importance of the service sector
    2. Service businesses and marketing effectiveness
    3. The purpose of this book
    4. The marketing concept
    5. Misunderstandings about marketing
    6. A definition of marketing
    7. An overview of the new marketing process
    8. Define markets and understand value
    9. Determine Value Proposition
    10. Deliver value proposition
    11. Monitor value
  9. Chapter 2: The nature of services marketing
    1. Classification of services
    2. The strategic value of services in manufacturing
    3. The marketing mix
    4. A brief history of marketing in the service industry
    5. Customer retention and profitability
    6. Integrated relationship marketing and CRM
  10. Chapter 3: Marketing planning for services: the process
    1. What is marketing planning?
    2. Other approaches to marketing planning
    3. The marketing planning process
  11. Chapter 4: Marketing planning for services: the problems
    1. Marketing planning and services
    2. What gets in the way of marketing planning?
  12. Chapter 5: Marketing planning Phase One: the strategic context
    1. Step 1 Mission
    2. Step 2 Corporate objectives
  13. Chapter 6: Marketing planning Phase Two: the situation review (Part 1)
    1. Step 3 The marketing audit
    2. Sub-audit 1 Customers and markets
    3. Case examples of market segmentation in the services sector
  14. Chapter 7: Marketing planning Phase Two: the situation review (Part 2)
    1. Sub-audit 2 Competitive position
    2. Sub-audit 3 The environmental audit
    3. Sub-audit 4 Auditing the services and products
    4. Sub-audit 5 The organizational audit
    5. The marketing audit – conclusions
    6. Step 4 SWOT analyses
    7. Step 5 Key assumptions
  15. Chapter 8: Marketing planning Phase Three: marketing strategy formulation
    1. Step 6 Marketing objectives and strategies
    2. Step 7 Estimate expected results
    3. Step 8 Identifying alternative mixes
    4. A Step-by-step guide to completing a DPM for a service company
  16. Chapter 9: Marketing planning Phase Four: resource allocation, monitoring and detailed planning (Part 1: the budget, the service product plan and the communications plan)
    1. Step 9 The marketing budget
    2. Step 10 First-year implementation programme
    3. Mix element 1: The service product plan
    4. Mix element 2: The promotion and communications plan
  17. Chapter 10: Marketing planning Phase Four: resource allocation, monitoring and detailed planning (Part 2: price, place, people, processes and customer service)
    1. Mix element 3: The pricing plan
    2. Mix element 4: The place plan – getting the service to the customers
    3. Mix element 5: The people element of the marketing mix
    4. Mix element 6: The processes element of the marketing mix
    5. Mix element 7: The customer service element of the marketing mix
    6. The need for an overall marketing mix strategy
    7. Monitoring, control and review
  18. Chapter 11: Organizing for marketing planning
    1. Introduction
    2. Marketing intelligence systems
    3. Marketing research
    4. Marketing planning and company structure
    5. Plan for marketing planning
    6. The marketing planning cycle
    7. Learning and planning for change
  19. Chapter 12: Measuring the effectiveness of marketing plans for service businesses
    1. A three-level marketing accountability framework
    2. What counts as marketing expenditure?
    3. What does ‘value added’ really mean?
    4. Three distinct levels for measuring marketing effectiveness
    5. Conclusion
  20. Chapter 13: A step-by-step marketing planning system for service businesses
    1. Introduction
    2. Part 1 Marketing planning summary
    3. Part 2 A Marketing Planning System
    4. Section A Step-by-step approach to the preparation of a strategic marketing plan for a services strategic business unit (SBU)
    5. Section B The one-year marketing plan
    6. Section C Headquarters’ consolidation of several SBU strategic marketing plans
  21. Examples of marketing plans
  22. Glossary of marketing planning terms
  23. References
  24. Index

Product information

  • Title: Marketing Plans for Services: A Complete Guide, Third Edition
  • Author(s): Malcolm McDonald, Pennie Frow, Adrian Payne
  • Release date: October 2011
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470979099