Chapter 24

Advanced Content = Revenue

Who's ready to make some money?!?

The past two chapters were about building a sales funnel with your beginner and intermediate content. We've been leaving bread crumbs on the path, letting people sample your expertise and pulling them through the sales funnel by enticing them along the way. And in return for this value, you've captured their e-mail address. These are now warm prospects. They already know who you are. The whole point is to qualify your prospects. At each stage, you're offering more value. Those who are no longer interested drop off, but those who want more will stay with you. It's a sales funnel. You're providing value and building trust. Now, you have to sell them something!

Your advanced content can take a lot of different forms. Perhaps the final sales proposition is just a product and the beginner and intermediate content was only intended to show your knowledge of that product. Perhaps it's your services as a mortgage broker, chiropractor, financial advisor, massage therapist, or insurance agent. Maybe it's a big information product or a membership program or an intensive three-day workshop. Are you curious what mine is? My advanced content is my speaking engagements. That's what I'm looking for. That's my passion. I speak about modern entrepreneurship, online branding, and the social media revolution. I speak about our changing economy and my message is one of empowerment and opportunity. You'll find me at ...

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