Chapter 50

E-mail Marketing

How many people are on your e-mail list?

In Chapter 23, we discussed using your intermediate content to build an e-mail list. Have you started? How many people do you have so far? Did you set up your autoresponder? I hope so. And maybe you already have hundreds or even thousands of people on that list. If so, congratulations!

E-mail marketing is one of the most powerful tools for modern businesses. Not only can you deliver messages with absolutely zero delivery costs but you can contact your audience multiple times, establishing trust as you go. This book started as an e-mail course run through an autoresponder. Those who subscribed received one e-mail tip every week for a year. So there were 52 e-mails in all. The beauty is that those e-mails were all sent automatically. I wrote them at the beginning and uploaded them to the platform. After that, they got sent out according to a predetermined time-lapse schedule.

That means that while one person was receiving e-mail 19, another person might have been receiving e-mail 2 or e-mail 49. The timing was preset and didn't require any direct involvement from me. As long as the e-mails were written and uploaded, my job was done. At the same time, the people on my list got the information in the correct order and on a predictable schedule. Have you ever heard of the Rule of Seven? It says that people need to see your message seven times before they remember it and recognize you. In the good old days, that meant ...

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