Chapter 60

Product Launch Formula

What's your limited time offer?

People respond to limited time offers. It fuels the sales process. If you're trying to sell something, you're generally better off offering some sort of discount, but only for a limited time. Or maybe the entire offering is only available for a limited time. Either way, limited time offers work.

You may already be familiar with Jeff Walker and his Product Launch Formula. Jeff has pioneered this approach online and has made millions in the process. For those of you who want to learn more, I recommend you search for “jeff walker product launch formula” and get on his e-mail list. The guy really knows his stuff. For now, let's look at the basics. Think back to Chapter 20, “Expand the Frame.” Think back to the offering you considered in that chapter. Super high end, super expensive. Remember? The product launch strategy is a perfect way to “launch” an offering like that. According to Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula, you might use the following format to promote the launch.

First, we need to incorporate video. It's way more effective than the other options. Next, we need it to be a limited time offer. We also need the launch to involve a sequence of events with a defined starting point and a defined ending point. The idea is to make your marketing an “event” rather than an ongoing campaign. Here's the basic formula:

On day one, you release the first of four videos. We're talking about a meaty 45-minute video with ...

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