Chapter 76


Demonstrate Expertise

Are you building exposure on YouTube?

YouTube is serving more than two billion video views per day right now. Are any of those videos yours? Are any of those videos about your business? Those two billion views are being watched whether you're there or not. People with questions are searching on YouTube whether you're providing answers or not. So how do we get your content in front of that traffic? How do we get your business in front of those eyeballs?

You may be familiar with the name Gary Vaynerchuk. If not, we're talking about a super high-energy and fast-talking 31-year-old guy who inherited his parents' retail wine store in New Jersey, just outside New York City. The store is called WineLibrary. So what did he do? He started his own video blog called WineLibrary TV and his frantic communication style make his videos extremely entertaining to watch. He literally eats dirt and chews leather to explain the flavors in wine. He's not exactly your typical French sommelier! But the younger generation loves this guy.

To be clear, Gary Vaynerchuk posts a new video almost every single day, so this is no small undertaking. But he managed to explode his annual revenue from $4 million to more than $60 million in the process. Imagine: $4 million to more than $60 million!! And two thirds of the revenue came from online orders. His parents never once took an online order. He introduced that. Two thirds of $60 million is $40 million! This guy went ...

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