Marketing to Millennials

Book description

The numbers cannot be ignored: eighty million Millennials wielding $200 billion in buying power are entering their peak earning and spending years. Companies that think winning their business is a simple matter of creating a Twitter account and applying outdated notions of “cool” to their advertising are due for a rude awakening. Marketing to Millennials is both an enlightening look at this generation of consumers and a practical plan for earning their trust and loyalty. Based on original market research, the book reveals the eight attitudes shared by most Millennials, as well as the new rules for engaging them successfully. Millennials: • Value social networking and aren’t shy about sharing opinions
• Refuse to remain passive consumers—they expect to participate in product development and marketing
• Demand authenticity and transparency
• Are highly influential—swaying parents and peers
• Are not all alike—understanding key segments is invaluable

Featuring expert interviews and profiles of brands doing Millennial marketing right, this eye-opening book is the key to persuading the customers who will determine the bottom line for decades to come.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. List of Figures
  6. Foreword
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
    1. Influential and Active Consumers
    2. What We Uncovered
  9. Chapter 1 Who Are They?
    1. The Participation Economy
    2. The Old Framework vs. the Participation Framework
    3. Friends Have Influence
    4. Birth of the “Digital Native”
    5. Optimistic Despite the Roller-Coaster Economy
    6. The Millennial Mindset
    7. Chapter 1: Key Takeaways
  10. Chapter 2 The New Rules of Marketing to Millennials
    1. The “What” Generation?
    2. An Enigma Generation?
    3. Begin a Relationship Now, If You Haven’t Already
    4. Younger and Older Millennials: A Difference?
    5. Six Distinct Millennial Segments
    6. Millennial Guys and Gals
    7. Chapter 2: Key Takeaways
  11. Chapter 3 Engage These Early Adopters of New Technologies
    1. The Household CTO
    2. “I Know More Than My CEO”
    3. The Mobile Moment of Truth
    4. Chapter 3: Key Takeaways
  12. Chapter 4 Build a Listening and Participation Strategy
    1. The Participation Economy
    2. The “Right” Strategy
    3. Engagement (New) vs. Interruption (Old)
    4. Interaction (New) vs. Reaction (Old)
    5. Engaged Participants (New) vs. Heavy Users (Old)
    6. Personal Gestures (New) vs. Big Promises (Old)
    7. Active Cocreators (New) vs. Passive Consumers (Old)
    8. Chapter 4: Key Takeaways
  13. Chapter 5 Make Them Look Good Among Their Peers
    1. Hyperconnected and Always On the Go
    2. Information Hungry
    3. Gotta Look Good!
    4. People Care About What I Say, Where I Am, and What I’m Doing
    5. So What Does This All Mean?
    6. Chapter 5: Key Takeaways
  14. Chapter 6 Design a Sense of Fun and Adventure
    1. Market Disrupters Win Big
    2. Comedy Natives
    3. Generation Innovation
    4. The Parent Trap
    5. Chapter 6: Key Takeaways
  15. Chapter 7 Don’t Give Them a Reason to Cheat on You
    1. The Price Needs to Be Right
    2. What Ever Happened to Brand Loyalty?
    3. Up the Fun Factor
    4. Rewards Work
    5. Coupons Are King
    6. Excellent Customer Service Matters, Too
    7. Take Their Feedback to Heart
    8. Brands That Care
    9. Chapter 7: Key Takeaways
  16. Chapter 8 Epilogue
    1. Keep Up with Technology Trends
    2. Engage Millennials in Everything You Do
    3. Strive for Content Excellence
    4. Good Content Is Key
    5. No Brand Can Afford to Ignore Millennials
  17. Notes
  18. Index
  19. About the Authors

Product information

  • Title: Marketing to Millennials
  • Author(s): Jeff Fromm, Christie Garton
  • Release date: July 2013
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814433232