Chapter 10

Creating a Mobile Strategy Tailored to Millennials


check Creating goals and content for mobile campaigns

check Collecting and analyzing mobile data

check Leveraging mobile advertising techniques

Millennials live their lives on the go and online, which means that in order to generate results from your marketing efforts, you need to closely focus on mobile. Mobile has experienced an explosive rise in both penetration and usage as smartphones have become commonplace.

In this chapter, you discover the full set of components that make up a mobile marketing strategy designed to reach Millennials.

The very nature of mobile is that it is, well, mobile! With other platforms, connecting the digital side of marketing to action requires a lot more steps between the initial engagement and physical, on-site interaction. Mobile helps limit those steps. This chapter shows you how to put together a strategy to reach Millennials through this valuable channel.

Establishing Mobile-Specific Goals

Unlike other media, where your audience members can easily become distracted, content on mobile devices is largely served up in a singular fashion. This means that you have more of an opportunity ...

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