Chapter 15

Adjusting Strategies for Millennial Consumption Habits


check Building powerful campaigns using popular media types

check Nurturing relationships with your Millennial audience

check Managing a crisis using new media

Millennials are partial to certain types of media over others. To quickly capture their attention, you need to use these media types more frequently than others. To facilitate the process of grabbing Millennials’ attention, you can analyze your target audience’s media consumption habits to determine which platform investments will be the most successful.

After your media is in the format that appeals to a Millennial market, you should spend some time building out additional strategies that cater to the way Millennials do business. A central theme of those strategies is the growth of relationships. Relationships are at the root of any successful brand strategy.

Looking at Crucial Media Types

New media is where you find your Millennial audience. You can use certain media strategies with this group to produce exceptional results. The use of these strategies will also lead to the furthering of your relationships with Millennial consumers. These media types are ...

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