Chapter 17

Ten Successful Marketing Campaigns That Won Over Millennials


check Reviewing Millennial-centric marketing strategies in action

check Recognizing the market realities that you need to factor into any strategy

In this chapter, you look at some of the ways brands have converted Millennials into loyal, lifelong customers. Every brand case study covered in this chapter has achieved success by leveraging different strategies, platforms, or audience characteristics. While not every strategy will be appropriate for your business, you can certainly discover some lessons from each of these examples.

Domino’s Tackles Snapchat

Domino’s is no stranger to cutting-edge social media campaigns. The fast-food pizza chain has conducted a number of very successful campaigns that have reinvented the pizza ordering process and garnered interest from Millennials who live on social media and mobile devices. Before launching its Snapchat initiative, Domino’s UK recognized an interest in participating in brand experience campaigns when the pizza chain offered users a chance to turn the pizza customization process into a social, shareable experience. Domino’s Pizza Legends immersed customers in the brand experience, so Domino’s decided to tackle a new platform: Snapchat.

Using the Snapchat ...

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