Chapter 19

Ten Quick Tips to Keep Top of Mind


check Highlighting some of the most important processes to leverage

check Structuring a simple checklist to keep handy when building a strategy

In this chapter, I present some simple but effective tips to help keep you on the right track when crafting a campaign or acquisition strategy. While I cover the step-by-step approaches for each of these strategies throughout this book, I list them here to serve as a checklist when you’re working on a strategy.

Start with Data

Data should drive everything you do. Data will prevent you from operating in the dark and basing your decisions on unfounded assumptions. Data can help you determine which decisions to make when you’re first building your strategy, and it can help you improve your operations at various points in your audit.

Ultimately, using data will result in more effective programs, greater results, and shorter goal completion timelines. It will also help you maintain relevance with an evolving audience over time, which leads to stronger relationships and significant long-term growth.

For more information on the use of data, take a look at the strategies covered in Chapter 4.

Remember the Psychographics

The Millennial mindset needs to be the focal point of any initiative, campaign, ...

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