CHAPTER 7 Google+ and why it’s important for SEO

Key areas we will cover in chapter 7:

  •  using Google+ for SEO
  •  why Google+ is different from the rest
  •  the power of Google authorship.

Google+ is a social media platform that sits somewhere between Facebook and LinkedIn. Owned by Google, it has great search engine capabilities, particularly for a bricks-and-mortar business.

Quick stats

Here are some interesting Google+ stats:

  •  it was launched in 2011
  •  there are over a billion registered users worldwide
  •  it recently stipulated that if you wanted any other Google product such as Gmail, you had to open a Google+ account too, which is one reason it has created such a large user base, but not all users are active.

Advantages of Google+

With Facebook being your coffee shop of conversation, and LinkedIn being your boardroom, it’s hard to see where Google+ fits in, and that ...

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