Mashup Patterns: Designs and Examples for the Modern Enterprise

Book description

Indispensable Patterns and Insights for Putting Mashups to Work in Enterprise Environments

Using new mashup tools and technologies, enterprise developers can impose their own APIs on everything from Web sites and RSS feeds to Excel and PDF files–transforming a world of content into their own customized informationsource. In Mashup Patterns, Michael Ogrinz applies the concept of software development patterns to mashups, systematically revealing the right ways to build enterprise mashups and providing useful insights to help organizations avoid the mistakes that cause mashups to fail.

Drawing on extensive experience building business-critical mashups, Ogrinz offers patterns and realistic guidance for every stage of the mashup development lifecycle and addresses the key issues developers, architects, and managers will face. Each pattern is documented with a practical description, specific use cases, and crucial insights into the stability of mashups built with it. Ogrinz concludes by presenting twelve start-to-finish case studies demonstrating mashup patterns at work in actual enterprise settings.

Coverage includes:

  • Understanding the relationships among mashups, portals, SOA, EAI/EII, and SaaS

  • Exploring core mashup activities such as data management, surveillance, clipping, transformation, enrichment, publication, and promotion

  • Optimizing security, privacy, accessibility, usability, and performance

  • Managing mashup development, from planning and governance through integration, testing, and deployment

  • Enhancing basic mashups with search, language translation, workflow support, and other improvements

  • Performing effective load and regression testing

  • Avoiding “anti-patterns” that cause enterprise mashups to fail

  • Also of interest: The companion book, Mashups: Strategies for the Modern Enterprise by J. Jeffrey Hanson (Addison-Wesley), is an indispensable guide to designing, implementing, and debugging an enterprise mashup, offering sample code to illustrate key concepts.

    Product information

    • Title: Mashup Patterns: Designs and Examples for the Modern Enterprise
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: March 2009
    • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
    • ISBN: 9780321592088