Master Svelte Framework - The Complete Course

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Svelte—the game-changer in web development—offers unparalleled efficiency and simplicity, revolutionizing how developers create interactive websites. Embrace this cutting-edge framework with our course and embark on a journey to unleash your web development potential.

In this hands-on course, you will first delve into the foundations of Svelte and SvelteKit, gaining a solid understanding of their streamlined approach to building web applications. The journey kicks off with an introduction, where you will be introduced to the exciting world of Svelte and the powerful capabilities of SvelteKit.

Next, you will focus on integrating Firebase and Firebase Auth into your SvelteKit app. You will learn how to implement user authentication, handle user data, and deploy your app to the web. Real-time updates and server-side rendering (SSR) will provide an exceptional user experience, setting your website apart from the competition.

Finally, you will dive into advanced topics such as handling API routes, server-side authentication, and real-time alerts. Here, you will create a fully functional and secure website called “Booklovers” that lets users interact with books, like and dislike, and view personalized content.

By the end of this course, you will be a master of Svelte and SvelteKit, equipped to build user-friendly websites with confidence.

What You Will Learn

  • Build interactive websites with Svelte and SvelteKit
  • Create a complete Book Lover website project
  • Learn server-side rendering (SSR) for enhanced website performance
  • Understand real-time updates for dynamic user experiences
  • Explore API routes and server-side authentication techniques
  • Master advanced concepts such as actions, slots, and hooks


This course caters to both beginners and seasoned developers eager to explore the potential of Svelte and SvelteKit. No prior Svelte or SvelteKit knowledge is required, making it accessible to all. Basic familiarity with JavaScript is beneficial, while HTML and CSS understanding will be advantageous but not mandatory. Whether you are new to web development or seeking to expand your skillset with advanced topics, this hands-on journey equips you to build user-friendly websites, integrate Firebase, and implement server-side rendering, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for all learners.

About The Author

Codestars By Rob Percival: Codestars, by Rob Percival, is a revolutionary online learning platform on a mission to transform the way people learn to code. With a focus on simplicity, logic, and fun, Rob has empowered over half a million students through his courses.

Recognizing the need for diverse and comprehensive learning experiences, Rob established Codestars as a collaborative effort. Codestars provides learners of all ages and proficiency levels with the tools and knowledge needed to build functional websites and apps. By making coding accessible and enjoyable, Codestars aims to simplify the learning journey and unlock the potential of aspiring coders worldwide.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. Course Introduction
  2. Chapter 2 : Svelte Introduction
    1. Section Introduction
    2. Svelte Up and Running
    3. Svelte Project Tour
    4. Creating Svelte Components
    5. Outputting JavaScript Variables
    6. Props
    7. Styles
    8. Binding Variables to Inputs
    9. Color Picker Challenge
    10. DOM Events
    11. Custom Events
    12. Reactive Statements
    13. Reactive Variable Challenge
    14. If Template
    15. Each Template
    16. Each Template II
    17. Await Template
    18. Magic the Gather Counter Challenge
    19. Deploying Magic Gather Challenge
    20. Lifecycle Events (onMount and onDestroy)
    21. Lifecycle Events (beforeUpdate and afterUpdate)
    22. Readable Stores
    23. Writable Stores
    24. Custom Stores
    25. Derived Stores
    26. Contact List Challenge
    27. Introduction to Actions
    28. Actions with Parameters
    29. Slots
    30. Draggable Component (Slot Challenge)
    31. Summary
  3. Chapter 3 : SvelteKit Introduction
    1. Section Introduction
    2. Getting Started
    3. SvelteKit Tour
    4. Pages and Routes
    5. Routing Parameters
    6. Server Load Function with Environment Variables
    7. Random Number Challenge
    8. Layouts
    9. Prefetching Links and Page Store
    10. Challenge: Build a Personal Webpage
    11. Deploying to Vercel
    12. Forms / Form Actions
    13. Form Challenge
    14. Page Rendering Options
    15. Error Pages
    16. API Routes
    17. Create Hook
    18. Summary
  4. Chapter 4 : SvelteKit with Firestore, Firebase Auth, and SSR
    1. Section Introduction
    2. Project Setup
    3. Firebase Setup
    4. Bootstrap Navbar
    5. Navbar Mobile Challenge
    6. Navbar Link Highlighting
    7. Messages
    8. Initialize Firebase Client-Side
    9. Login with Google
    10. Auth Store
    11. Logout
    12. Register Email and Password
    13. Login with Email and Password
    14. Forgot Password Workflow
    15. After Login Redirect
    16. Saving the User to Firestore Client-Side
    17. Firebase Initialize on the Server
    18. Firebase Server Auth Plan
    19. Token Endpoint
    20. Send Token After Register Challenge
    21. Refresh Token
    22. Logout Server-Side
    23. Auth Hooks
    24. Add Book Validation Part 1
    25. Add Book Validation Part 2
    26. Save Book Database
    27. Show Book Page
    28. Edit Book Page
    29. Enhanced Forms
    30. Like Endpoint
    31. Like Component
    32. Toggling Like
    33. Books Home Page
    34. Like Component Bug
    35. Pagination
    36. Book Component and Homepage
    37. Profile Page Setup
    38. My Books
    39. Fix Book Link
    40. Favorite Books
    41. Unliking Books on Favorites Page
    42. SSR Menu
    43. Real-Time New Book Alerts
    44. Deploying to Vercel
    45. Summary
  5. Chapter 5 : Course Overview
    1. Course Summary

Product information

  • Title: Master Svelte Framework - The Complete Course
  • Author(s): Codestars By Rob Percival
  • Release date: August 2023
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781835080849