14 Master Your Mind by Getting Micro: Start Small and Improve Incrementally

Big things have small beginnings.

—T.E. Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.

—Albert Einstein

Often, achievers believe that the best way to accomplish their aims is to make a huge splash right out of the gate. Sometimes this is true – we talked earlier about how taking care of the beginning and the end of a day or project leads to success. But, much more often than you may think, the micro start combined with micro accelerations is the best and most brain-friendly way to go about things.

The Hudson Bay Start

What’s known as a Hudson Bay Start was introduced to us via British consultant and author Peter Thomson via his audio program Secrets of The World’s Greatest Achievers. It’s had such a major impact on our own business thinking that we wanted to offer an excerpt (reprinted from selfgrowth.com: . . .

The Hudson Bay Company – which is still going strong today with more than 500 stores across Canada – was first chartered in 1670. Its early history was the supply of provisions for the fur traders undertaking expeditions out of Hudson Bay.

The process they used was called a Hudson Bay Start – they would travel just a few miles upriver (or down), then they stopped and made camp . . . after just a few miles. Now why would they do that?

Well – they stopped quickly because their journey was a high-risk voyage into the unknown . . . and they wanted to make ...

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