Mastering 3D Printing LiveLessons (Video Training)

Video description

Mastering 3D Printing LiveLessonsteaches the fundamentals of 3D printing, including how to design objects using free, open source 3D modeling software and use a consumer-grade desktop 3D printer to turn a 3D model into a physical object.

In this video training, you learn how to master 3D printing and move from ideas to objects! Dave Seff starts with coverage of how 3D printers work and then shows how to create a 3D model (beginner and advanced lessons), slice (prepare for printing), and then print a 3D model. Seff also covers troubleshooting problems when they arise.

About the Instructor

Dave Seffis, professionally, a UNIX/Linux engineer. Beyond that, he has studied electronics, computer design, computer programming, mechanical design, and machining in both school and via self-education. He prides himself on building his own tools and machinery for the purpose of fabrication and manufacturing. He has built many CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) machines, including three desktop 3D printers of his own design.

Skill Level

  • All Levels

What You Will Learn

  • A solid understanding of 3D printing
  • How to create and manipulate 3D computer graphics models using free open source software and how to prepare a computer model for printing
  • How to set up, configure, and operate a consumer-grade desktop 3D printer

Who Should Take This Course

  • Those with a general interest in 3D printing
  • Industrial designers, sculptors, and anyone studying in arts/design/industrial innovation areas
  • DIYers, members of hacker spaces and maker spaces, artists, engineers, and manufacturers

Course Requirements

  • Beginner level—general interest

Table of Contents


Lesson 1: Introduction to 3D Printing

Learning objectives

1.1 Understand 3D printing

1.2 Understand plastic extrusion

1.3 Understand digital light processing DLP resin

1.4 Understand direct laser metal sintering

Lesson 2: 3D Modeling with Blender

Learning objectives

2.1 Install Blender

2.2 Understand Blender basics

2.3 Understand basic modeling with Blender

Lesson 3: Intermediate Modeling with Blender

Learning objectives

3.1 Understand more advanced Blender techniques—Part I

3.2 Understand more advanced Blender techniques—Part II

Lesson 4: Slicing and Dicing

Learning objectives

4.1 Understand slicing and different slicing applications

4.2 Understand Gcode

4.3 Understand slic3r parameters

4.4 Understand Solar1 Slicer and Skeinforge

4.5 Troubleshoot when things go wrong

Lesson 5: Printing

Learning objectives

5.1 Understand types of consumer-grade printers

5.2 Understand the Solar1 Mark I printer

5.3 Understand why first impressions are everything (PLA versus ABS)

5.4 Prep your machine

5.5 Complete finishing touches


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  • Title: Mastering 3D Printing LiveLessons (Video Training)
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  • Release date: July 2014
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0133887952