8. Select Structure-(1) in the drawing. Right-click, and choose Structure Properties. Switch to
the Part Properties tab. Scroll down to the Sump Depth field, and change the value to 0
Click OK to exit the Structure Properties dialog.
9. Expand the Pipe Networks Networks Sanitary Sewer Network branches in Prospector
in Toolspace, and select the Structures entry. Use the tabular interface in the Preview pane
area of Prospector to change the names of Structures (1) through (4) to MH1 through MH4.
Creating an Alignment from Network Parts
On some occasions, certain legs of a pipe network require their own stationing. Perhaps most of
your pipes are shown on a road profile, but the legs that run offsite or through open space require
their own profiles. Whatever the reason, it’s often necessary to create an alignment from network
parts. Follow these steps:
1. Open the Alignment from Network Parts.dwg file.
2. Select Structure-(1).
3. Choose Alignment from Network on the Launch Pad panel.
4. The command line prompts you to Select next Network Part or [Undo]. Select
5. Press
, and a dialog appears that is almost identical to the one you see when you create
an alignment from the Alignments menu. Name and stylize your alignment as appropriate.
Notice the Create Profile and Profile View check box on the last line of the dialog. Leave the
box selected, and click OK.
6. The Create Profile from Surface dialog appears (see Figure 15.22). This dialog is identical
to the one that appears when you create a profile from a surface. Choose both the Existing
Ground and Finished Ground surfaces, and click Draw in Profile View. (See Chapter 8,
‘‘Cut to the Chase: Profiles,’’ for further information about sampling profiles from
Figure 15.22
The Create Profile from
Surface dialog
7. You see the Create Profile View Wizard (see Figure 15.23). Click the Next button in the Cre-
ate Profile View Wizard until you reach the Pipe Network Display tab. You should see a list
of pipes and structures in your drawing. Make sure Yes is selected for each pipe and struc-
ture in the Sanitary Sewer Network only. Click Create Profile View, and place the profile
view to the right of the site plan.
Figure 15.23
The Create Profile
View Wizard
8. You see five structures and four pipes drawn in a profile view, which is based on the newly
created alignment (see Figure 15.24).
Figure 15.24
Creating a profile view

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