Chapter 4

Modeling II

Continuing with the space suit from Chapter 3, “Modeling I,” you will use a variety of traditional and nontraditional modeling tools to finish and add detail to the suit. In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Model using deformers
  • Combine meshes
  • Use Bevel tools
  • Use curves
  • Convert NURBS surfaces to polygons
  • Understand Boolean operations
  • Sculpt polygons using Artisan
  • Use advanced polygon editing tools
  • Use subdivision surfaces

Modeling with Deformers

Deformers are used to bend, twist, and otherwise warp geometry. They are often used as Animation and Rigging tools but are quite helpful when modeling as well.

In this section, you'll use several deformers to bend the suit's shoulder armor into a shape that matches the design in ...

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