Learning Tips and Shortcuts

Beyond all the things you can do to hone your Revit skills, you will begin to learn a number of tips and shortcuts as your experience grows using Revit. Here is a compilation of some of those tips and tricks:

Let Revit do the math. Revit is like a big calculator and it's very good at doing math correctly. Don't want to spend the time trying to figure out what your room size is after you subtract a 3 ⅝″ and ⅝″ piece of gypsum board from an 11′–2″ room? Don't. If you need to modify a dimension, simply add an equal sign and a formula (Figure B.8) and Revit will calculate the value for you.

FIGURE B.8 Performing calculations in Revit

Make elevators visible in your plans. You want to create a shaft that will penetrate ...

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