Importing 2D Data

In this section, we will discuss how to import 2D CAD data from platforms such as AutoCAD (DWG) and MicroStation (DGN) or in the generic Drawing Exchange Format (DXF). You can also use files from other software platforms, but only if they are DWG, DGN, or DXF format. Most commercially available CAD programs are able to export in DWG or DXF format.

There are two fundamental ways 2D CAD data can be used with respect to a building project's floor plans, ceiling plans, or site plans:

  • Using 2D data as backgrounds for BIM conversion
  • Integrating 2D data with the model

Backgrounds for BIM Conversion

In this situation, we will assume that 2D CAD data will be linked into the Revit model to be converted into building elements. Although ...

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