Chapter 17. The Provisioning Profile

As we have seen, some of the selections or choices involved in automating the provisioning process for virtual machines should be made within the context of the requesting user’s access-control group. This allows our automation workflow to include group-specific processing logic. For example, we may wish to direct development and test virtual machines to a specific cluster, or automatically name some virtual machines according to our own group-specific naming convention.

The attributes, relationships, and method names that are used to determine these operations and decisions are stored in group-specific provisioning profiles. These include the selection of the appropriate provisioning dialog, checking the provisioning request against quota, an optional approval workflow for large VM requests, and the option to use group-specific VM naming and network allocation methods.


The provisioning profiles are stored under /{Cloud,Infrastructure}/VM/Provisioning/Profile. There is one out-of-the-box group-specific profile for the EvmGroup-super_administrator group, but we can create new profiles for any user groups that we wish to provision from. If a user who is not a member of a listed group profile provisions a VM, the .missing profile will be used (see Figure 17-1).

Provisioning Profiles
Figure 17-1. Provisioning profiles


The provisioning profile schema ...

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