Mastering DevOps

Video description

This video course covers the theory behind and hands-on application of concepts needed to maximize the throughput of your organization. The course introduces key introductory areas as well as using tools to leverage DevOps solutions for common problems. The course maintains a deeper insight of applying DevOps with a variety of tools such as Puppet, Vagrant, and Graphite.

You will learn how to automate and build configuration for their infrastructure servers and then would address advanced areas of automation, continuous deployment, log management, and monitoring. Create impressive changes to how you deliver software and services. This course will help all those using a DevOps environment, (or the single team) who are responsible for delivering both new features and stability. Such teams will work closely with developers ensuring a shared code base which is no longer just dev territory, but most importantly they are also responsible for continuous delivery, automated deploys and infrastructure and configuration management. With the help of this course, such teams no longer need to rely or wait for the other teams to solve a problem and fixes can be made quickly, all by learning the perfect way to succeed with DevOps.

What You Will Learn

  • Apply systems thinking and feedback loops to build great architectures like Google and Netflix.
  • Maximize the throughput of your organization by the CAMS model.
  • To examine what cultural elements create a high performing IT organization.
  • Master agile infrastructure with configuration management.
  • Learn delivery of high quality with speed with Continuous delivery.
  • Learn how monitoring can help you outpace the competition.
  • Learn how breaking down silos helps everyone to go faster.
  • Tying it all together, how to spread the DevOps paradigm beyond just Dev and Ops.


This video targets system administrators, developers, and IT professionals who would like to employ DevOps techniques and best practices to manage IT infrastructures or would like to acquire the necessary skills needed to work in DevOps teams in a practical, tool-driven manner. Some prior system administration and programming experience would be useful.

About The Author

Dave Mangot: Dave Mangot is the Director of Operations for Librato and Papertrail and an accomplished systems engineer with over 20 years' experience. He has held positions in various organizations, from small startups such as Terracotta to multinational corporations such as Cable & Wireless and Salesforce, in positions ranging from systems administrator to architect. He has led the transformations of multiple companies both in operational maturity and in a deeper adherence to DevOps thinking. He enjoys time spent as a mentor, speaker, and student to so many talented members of the community. Dave lives with his wife and three children in San Francisco, CA. LinkedIn - Website -

Product information

  • Title: Mastering DevOps
  • Author(s): Dave Mangot
  • Release date: September 2016
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781786468048