Integration with logs

Similar to metrics, logs often suffer from the lack of request-scoped context and their investigative power can be improved by capturing some of that context in the fields of structured log records.

Structured logging

Before we go further, let us briefly talk about structured logging. Traditionally, the logging frameworks generate the log lines as plain strings, an example of which you can see in the output of the Hello application clients:

25-11-2018 18:26:37.354 [main] ERROR client.Runner.runQuery - error from server
25-11-2018 18:26:37.468 [main] INFO  client.Runner.runQuery - executing http://localhost:8080/sayHello/Bender
25-11-2018 18:26:37.531 [main] ERROR client.Runner.runQuery - error from server
25-11-2018 18:26:37.643 ...

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