Observing trends

Now that we have our job running and we understand what it is doing, let's run some experiments. The two JSON files with profiles for the microservices simulator model the architecture of the HotROD demo application we covered in Chapter 2, Take Tracing for a HotROD Ride. The second profile file, hotrod-reduced.json, is nearly identical to hotrod-original.json, except that the simulator is instructed to make only five calls to the route service instead of the usual 10 calls. This difference would affect the SpanCountJob. To do the experiment, let the simulator run with the original profile for a few minutes:

$ make microsim-run-original
docker run -v /Users/.../Chapter12:/ch12:ro --net host \
    yurishkuro/microsim:0.2.0 \
 -c /ch12/hotrod-original.json ...

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