Connecting to a containerized node

Before we connect to the node, we have to expose the container ports that will be used to connect the nodes. Edit your file and add the following:

$ cat  # ...  app:    image: elixir_drip:dev    # ...    ports:      - 4000:4000
      - 4369      - 9001-9004    # ...

The 9001-9004 port range is the range on which EPMD will assign ports to new nodes. We will tell EPMD to respect this range by passing the inet_dist_listen_min and inet_dist_listen_max parameters when running Elixir, and also when starting the application release. To pass these parameters when running the release, we need to set the erl_opts option in the release configuration:

$ cat rel/config.exs  # ...environment :prod ...

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