Chapter 9. Analyzing ESA-Based Solutions Architectures

Thus far, you have seen the business motivations and goals for SAP’s ESA strategy, along with the major IT industry technology trends and planning principles that help enable its realization. This chapter brings Part II to a close by taking a look at example scenarios that show how to bring ESA to life to solve real business problems. Its goal is to illustrate how the many ESA-enabling concepts come together to create a solutions architecture.

It is important to note that, while these scenarios are designed to show some of the current and future ESA capabilities, the authors have based them around real-world business process needs identified by SAP’s customers. In many cases, SAP and its ecosystem partners are already working to productize these opportunities using ESA design principles. That means leveraging existing business application components and services to create new solutions much faster and more flexibly than ever before. These new solutions will take advantage of the user productivity, process management, and more agile composition and integration capabilities of SAP NetWeaver.

And, as the capabilities of ESA continue to grow in terms of the Enterprise Services Inventory surrounding the mySAP Business Suite applications and SAP NetWeaver platform, even more advanced compositions can be created. In Part III of this book, you see some of the SAP NetWeaver tools and technologies that illustrate how scenarios like these ...

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