Chapter 10. An Introduction to ESA-Development with SAP NetWeaver

This chapter begins Part III by providing an overview to some of the key ESA-enabling development tools and technologies available in SAP NetWeaver. NetWeaver offers a number of options to create and run applications that use enterprise services, as well as to define, build, and govern the enterprise services themselves. Note that there are many other SAP capabilities that enable ESA beyond what are presented here, and the company has plans to continue to enhance its suite of solutions. As mentioned previously, you can also work with SAP enterprise services using the SOA-based design and composition tools available from other platform vendors.

This chapter focuses on a few NetWeaver capabilities that are then demonstrated in detail in the rest of Part III. From a provider perspective, the range of NetWeaver tools helps you to develop back-end services, create business-level services and processes, and add your services to the ESR. From a consumer perspective, there are multiple tools to help you find and consume services, build UI components, and assemble composite applications that present information and processes to users.

This chapter provides an overview of some of the most important NetWeaver capabilities that can be used in implementing ESA-based solutions. The focus is on creating composite applications with a focus on process orchestration and UI development. Subsequent chapters provide details on how to use ...

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