Using LINQ in F#

F# has query expressions that help to easily build Language Integrated Query (LINQ)  queries. Query expressions can be declared as query { ... }. It is a type of computation expression, just like the sequence expression. An example code is given as follows:

let data = [| 1..10 |] 
let simpleExpression() = 
    query { 
        for d in data do 
        select d 
        contains 5 
> simpleExpression();; 
val it : bool = true 

Query expressions have a list of query operators with which we can use the LINQ-like operations on the data:

 let designations = [| "CEO"; "CTO"; "Manager"; "Employee" |] type Employee = { FirstName: string LastName: string Designation: string Salary: int } with static member DummyData() = let r = new System.Random() seq { for i = 0 to 10 ...

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