Chapter 8. Reaching out, Sending E-mails

All the things that we have done so far were internal. Even when we contacted the outside world in the previous chapter, we just fetched pages into our app and compressed and saved them. But often there's information that needs to go out as well, not just on the interface but also through other mediums. This chapter is all about sending e-mails.

In this chapter, we'll learn the following:

  • The history of e-mail and SMTP
  • Sending e-mails
  • Receiving e-mails
  • Handling bounce notifications

Before we start exploring the aforementioned topics, let's have a glimpse at how e-mail works and what it is all about.

About e-mails

E-mails have been with us for a very long time now. E-mail might seem complex under the hood, but it ...

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