Shared storage

We start this by setting up a shared storage. In this example, we are using NFS as the shared storage. We use NFS because it is simple to set up, thus helping you to follow the migration examples easily. In actual production, it is recommended to use ISCSI-based or FC-based storage pools. NFS is not a good choice when the files are large and the VM performs heavy I/O operations. Gluster is a good alternative to NFS and we would say that you should try it. Gluster is well integrated in LIbvirt. You can re-visit Chapter 5, Network and Storage, to know how to create a storage pool using ISCSI or FC.

We created the following NFS share on a Fedora 22 server. The name of the server is nfs-01.

Exporting directory /testvms from nfs-01:

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