Introducing Open vSwitch

Open vSwitch is an open source OpenFlow-capable virtual switch. If you're familiar with VMware, think of it as an open source distributed virtual switch. To give you a fair idea of how great Open vSwitch (OVS) is, here is a brief feature list, as of version 2.3:

  • Visibility into inter VM communication via NetFlow and sFlow
  • Standard 802.1q VLAN model via trunking
  • Per VM interface traffic policing
  • NIC bonding
  • OpenFlow protocol support
  • Multiple tunneling protocols such as GRE, VxLAN, IPSec, and GRE over IPSEC
  • Mobility of states

See the full feature list here:

Comparison between Linux bridge and Open vSwitch

Before we go further and learn more about Open vSwitch including its architecture, let us quickly ...

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