struct inode

Each instance of struct inode represents a file in rootfs. VFS defines this structure as an abstraction for filesystem-specific inodes. Irrespective of the type of inode structure and its representation on disk, each filesystem needs to enumerate its files as struct inode into rootfs for a common file view. This structure is defined in <linux/fs.h>:

struct inode {      umode_t                 i_mode;   unsigned short          i_opflags;        kuid_t                  i_uid;    kgid_t                  i_gid;    unsigned int            i_flags;#ifdef CONFIG_FS_POSIX_ACL  struct posix_acl        *i_acl;   struct posix_acl        *i_default_acl;#endif       const struct inode_operations   *i_op;    struct super_block      *i_sb;    struct address_space    *i_mapping;#ifdef CONFIG_SECURITY   void                    *i_security;#endif /* Stat data, not accessed from path walking ...

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