Composing CALayers onto CATransformLayer

To begin with, add the following method to the ViewController class:

func buildTransformLayer() {   let sideLength = CGFloat(160.0)   let rightAngle = CGFloat(M_PI) * 0.5   transformLayer = CATransformLayer()   func sideLayerWithColor(_ color: CGColor) -> CALayer   {     // code to follow   }   func addLayersToTransformLayer()   {     // code to follow   }   addLayersToTransformLayer()   transformLayer.anchorPointZ = sideLength / -2.0   applyRotation(xOffset: 6.0,                 yOffset: 8.0)   customView.layer?.addSublayer(transformLayer) } 

We'll get to the locally defined methods in a moment, but first let's see what we've got here:

  1. We declare a couple of constants and initiate the transformLayer property of the ViewController ...

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