Making box plots to show the interquartile ranges and the outliers

We will begin by importing the data. Start by generating normal Gaussian distributions with a couple of different properties, as follows:

# Generate some Normal distributions with different propertiesrands1 = np.random.normal(size=500)rands2 = np.random.normal(scale=2, size=500)rands3 = np.random.normal(loc=1, scale=0.5, size=500)gaussians = (rands1, rands2, rands3)
  1. Make some box plots out of this data. Hence, by making a box plot of Gaussians, we can comment to suppress the output. Here, we can see that we get the following plot:
# Basic Boxplotplt.boxplot(gaussians);

Following is the output of the preceding code:

This kind of box plot was invented at Bell Labs about fifty ...

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