Working with control add-ins

Control add-in objects are a way to add custom functionalities (functions or UI customizations) to the Dynamics 365 Business Central client. A control add-in can interact with Dynamics 365 Business Central events and can raise events for your AL code.

A control add-in can be defined in AL code by using the tcontroladdin snippet, which has the following structure:

controladdin MyControlAddIn{    RequestedHeight = 300;    MinimumHeight = 300;    MaximumHeight = 300;    RequestedWidth = 700;    MinimumWidth = 700;    MaximumWidth = 700;    VerticalStretch = true;    VerticalShrink = true;    HorizontalStretch = true;    HorizontalShrink = true;    Scripts =        'script1.js',        'script2.js';    StyleSheets =        'style.css'; StartupScript = 'startupScript.js'; ...

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