Renaming/reorganizing files

As mentioned earlier, this is the most widely used functionality of the tool:

  • Renaming is renaming the file.
  • Reorganizing is renaming the file AND placing it in a subfolder that matches its object type.

The essence is captured in four commands that are again available from the Visual Studio Code command palette:

  • CRS: Rename – Current File.
  • CRS: Rename – All Files.
  • CRS: Reorganize – Current File.
  • CRS: CRS: Reorganize – All Files—note that Reorganize will move a test codeunit to the test folder.

There's also a setting to start the file renaming/reorganizing automatically when saving a .al file:

"CRS.OnSaveAlFileAction": "Rename"

Another interesting functionality of rename/reorganize is the ability to change the ...

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