© Melissa Hubbard, Matthew J. Bailey, D'arce Hess, Mårten Hellebro 2021
M. Hubbard et al.Mastering Microsoft Teamshttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-6898-8_2

2. Working in Teams

Melissa Hubbard1  , Matthew J. Bailey2, D’arce Hess3 and Mårten Hellebro4
Dumfries, VA, USA
Falls Church, VA, USA
East Greenwich, RI, USA
New York, NY, USA

Teams and their channels are the heart of user collaboration and productivity. Although Microsoft Teams can be used just for chatting and holding meetings, the true power of the application is recognized by adding teams and channels and knowing how to retrieve information from them. This chapter provides information and instructions on how to maximize working with Microsoft Teams. We explore creating teams, channels, ...

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