VLAN configuration problem

First, let's consider an issue that I encountered when configuring a switch discussed in Chapter 3, VLANs. I installed a TP-Link TL-SG108E switch on my network, and had planned to set up two VLANs using this switch. I had given some consideration as to how the VLANs would be configured, and I settled on the following:

  • Each VLAN would be assigned three ports (the TL-SG108E is an eight-port switch; thus, six ports would be assigned to VLANs, leaving two ports to act as trunk ports)
  • One VLAN (DEVELOPERS) would be assigned the network 192.168.10.x; the other VLAN would be assigned the VLAN 192.168.20.x
  • The DEVELOPERS VLAN would be assigned a VLAN ID of 10; the ENGINEERING VLAN would be assigned a VLAN of 20 (thus, ...

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