Configuring iSCSI storage

In this section, we will configure iSCSI storage for the ESXi server. There can be primarily two types of iSCSI adapters:

  • Software iSCSI adapter: A software iSCSI adapter is a VMware code built into the VMkernel. It allows the host to connect to the iSCSI storage device through standard network adapters. The software iSCSI adapter handles iSCSI processing while communicating with the network adapter. With the software iSCSI adapter, we don't need any specialized hardware adapter.
  • Hardware iSCSI adapter: A hardware iSCSI adapter is a third-party adapter that offloads iSCSI and network processing from the host. Hardware iSCSI adapters are divided into different categories:
    • Dependent hardware iSCSI adapter: This type of adapter ...

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