Mastering Presentations: Be the Undisputed Expert when You Deliver Presentations

Book description

A simple four-step process for delivering winning presentations

Mastering Presentations explains how entrepreneurs and small business owners can use guest speaking opportunities to generate rapport with audiences in order to foster business relationships with these audiences. The book provides a simple four-step process for giving presentations that helps eliminate the butterflies and increase self-confidence. It offers tips such as the 10 speaking venues that can generate more clients and credibility, an easy way to improve your memory that will help you present more confidently, a simple, but powerful process to design your presentation in 15-minutes (or less), and more.

  • Explains how and why speaking to groups is a quick and easy way to generate positive, word-of-mouth advertising for your company

  • Lists PowerPoint mistakes that will kill your chances of success and how to avoid them

  • Offers tips on how to lead fearless question and answer sessions

The energy and enthusiasm of a great presentation is contagious, and public speaking is a great way to channel this energy and generate a loyal following.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Introduction: Why This Book Was Written
  7. Chapter 1: The Presenter Who Speaks with Poise and Confidence Is Always Seen as the Expert
    1. You are the Expert
  8. Chapter 2: A Simple Way to Design Presentations in 15 Minutes or Less
    1. Create a Concise Presentation based on the Needs/Wants of the Audience
    2. Make Your Bullets Complete Statements
    3. Avoid Asking Questions in Your Bullets
    4. Prove to the Audience That Your Bullet Points are True
    5. Once You Have a Good Outline, Use Stories to Prove Your Points
  9. Chapter 3: Add Tremendous Impact to Your Presentations and Become the “Go-To” Expert
    1. Impact Idea #1: Stories and Examples are Your ACE in the Hole
    2. Impact Idea #2: Audience Participation Gains Consensus
    3. Impact Idea #3: Analogies Make Complex Ideas Easy to Understand
    4. Impact Idea #4: Anecdotes—A Fun Way to Add Humor and Rapport
    5. Impact Idea #5: Demonstrations
    6. Impact Idea #6: Quote Another Expert to Increase Your Credibility
    7. Impact Idea #7: Showmanship Adds Drama and Energy to the Presentation
    8. Impact Idea #8: A Sample Will Give the Audience Something Tangible to Refer to
    9. Impact Idea #9: Name Drop
    10. Impact Idea #10: Any Visual AID that is not a Powerpoint Slide
    11. Use at Least one Impact Idea for Each Bullet
  10. Chapter 4: Putting Your Dynamic Presentation Together and Delivering It without Any Notes
    1. What Happens When You Don’t have Control Over the Content?
    2. Break up the Big Presentation into Multiple Presentations
    3. Insert a Short Break
    4. Give Printed Material for all of the Content but Deliver only a Few of the Points
    5. Deliver Every Point, but Reinforce a few of the Points Separately
  11. Chapter 5: PowerPoint Mistakes That Will Kill Your Chances of Doing Well and How to Avoid Them
    1. Mistake #1: Treating Powerpoint as the Presentation and not a Visual AID
    2. Mistake #2: Using too many Powerpoint Slides
    3. Mistake #3: Including too much Content (too many Bullets, Charts, and Graphs)
    4. Mistake #4: Using too much (Frivolous) Animation
    5. Mistake #5: Including too many Busy Charts
    6. Mistake #6: Improperly using Pictures
    7. Mistake #7: Not Practicing Your Presentation with the Slide Show
    8. Mistake #8: Sitting Down to Deliver Your Presentation
    9. Mistake #9: Read . . . Click . . . Read . . . Click . . .
    10. Mistake #10: Letting Someone Else Design Your Slide Show
    11. More Powerpoint Tips are Available Online
  12. Chapter 6: Speaking Venues That Can Generate More Clients and Credibility
    1. Social Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, Libraries, and Recreation Centers
    2. Lunch-N-Learns for Specific Companies/Groups
    3. Teleseminars and Webinars
    4. Association Meetings
    5. Trade Shows
    6. Marketing Seminars by Reservation
    7. Paid Public Seminars
    8. Paid Consulting Meetings
    9. Radio and TV Shows
    10. Joint Venture Seminars
  13. Chapter 7: How to Make Millions of Dollars Using Presentation Skills on YouTube and Podcasting Websites
    1. Give Information away to Attract a Funnel of new Customers
    2. Charge a Fee for Your Expertise
    3. Use a Podcast to Generate New Customers and Revenue
  14. Chapter 8: If You Want Big Contracts, Get Really Good at Short List Presentations
    1. Dig Your Well Before You are Thirsty
    2. Show Clients How You Can Help Them Get What They Really Want
    3. Show the Committee That You are a Team
    4. Use Showmanship to Make You and Your Team Memorable
  15. Chapter 9: Fearless Question and Answer Sessions
    1. When to use Question and Answer Sessions
  16. Chapter 10: Seven Deadly Sins That Will Turn Off Audiences
    1. Sin #1: Going Over Time Without Permission
    2. Sin #2: Using Useless Words
    3. Sin #3: Speaking in a Monotone Voice
    4. Sin #4: Speaking Shoptalk
    5. Sin #5: Speaking while the Audience is Reading Your Slide
    6. Sin #6: Reading the Entire Slide or Visual AID to the Audience
    7. Sin #7: Dumping data on the Audience
    8. Master Your Presentations and Avoid These Deadly Sins
  17. What’s Next?

Product information

  • Title: Mastering Presentations: Be the Undisputed Expert when You Deliver Presentations
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118484302