Installing Ceph

Proxmox added a small command-line utility called pveceph to perform various Ceph-related tasks. Currently, pveceph can perform the following tasks through the command line:


Task performed

pveceph install

Installs Ceph on the Proxmox node.

pveceph createmon

Creates Ceph monitors and must be run from the node to become a monitor.

pveceph createpool <name>

Creates a new pool. It can be used from any node.

pveceph destroymon <mon_id>

Removes a monitor.

pveceph destroypool <name>

Removes a Ceph pool.

pveceph init --network <x.x.x.0/x>

Creates the initial Ceph configuration file based on the network CIDR used.

pveceph start <service>

Starts Ceph daemon services, such as mon, ...

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